SOVOS Charity

SOVOS Charity

We have been a major Sponsor of DART since its conception, donating vital PPE & Equipment which is then donated to the community DART is helping on their deployments.

In the Wake of Natural Disaster DART's team of Volunteer Tree Surgeons and Arborists are the world's first responders for cleaning dangerous trees. Ensuring supply chains are opened and communities are not cut off from the help they need.

DART International UK is an all-volunteer Humanitarian Response Team that deploys worldwide to assist disaster affected communities. Since it’s creation in 2014, the Charity has delivered aid, equipment and training to communities in the South Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. All proceeds received go into our training programmes, deployments, and aid missions.

Trees are a vital environmental, cultural and economic resource. However, in the wake of natural disasters fallen trees close roads, cause flooding, damage buildings and bring down power lines, invariably delaying the international relief effort. DART provide volunteer teams of experienced and qualified arborists to support worldwide humanitarian operations by removing obstructive trees and enabling other aid and rescue organisations to operate safely and effectively.

DART is a 'not for profit' Non Government Organisation (NGO) of highly trained, trade qualified and widely experienced, volunteer Arborists, motivated by a humanitarian desire to provide specialist support to international disaster relief operations. Trees are an important natural resource. In many parts of the world they are vital to the local culture and economy as valuable sources of food, shelter and raw materials. However, during a natural disaster trees are often the direct cause of death, casualties and destruction.

To help support this vital charity and resourse please visit the DART Website 

DART Malawi Deployment 2023

18-03-2023 Deployment Confirmed.
DART's Deployment team has boarded a flight to assist the nation of Malawi. We are extremely grateful to Air link for providing our team with flights that make our deployments possible. 

The DART team of Volunteers gathered essential PPE very kindly provided by STEIN for their deployment to Malawi. Thank you to the whole team of DART Volunteers that helped our our four Volunteers: Andy MacPherson, Al Rhodes, Andy Baker and Sam Martin

DART Team clearing a blocked bridge to allow safe passage of vital equipment.

Part of DART'S mission in Malawi is to donate equipment, PPE and training that will improve the country's resilience to future extreme weather events.

Photographed: Patrick learning safe chainsaw handling and cross-cutting techniques. 

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